Brian C. Macfarland, lazymanandmoney

This site is dedicated to debunking the myths and lies espoused by Brian C. Macfarland, author of,, and several other websites.  Many of you are wondering who Brian C Macfarland is.  Perhaps you've never heard that name before.  Well, he doesn't like to divulge his real identity so we will for him.  He likes to hide behind the veil of anonymity when he spews lies and hatred from his keyboard.  This hatred is directed at the most innocent of persons.  Check out the links on Page 2 and you'll see what we mean.

Are you looking for information on Mona Vie, Visalus, or Protandim (Lifevantage)?  Well, these are reputable companies selling quality products.  Unfortunately, Brian C. Macfarland does not agree with this statement.  Brian believes it is his calling in life to discredit these and other companies, their products, and the individuals associated with these companies.  He does this by writing multiple blogs under assumed names (Corey Whitlaw, Vogel and others) on which he spews lies and misinformation about these companies and the people associated with them.  His blogs are essentially cesspools of misinformation.  He has slandered many individuals and defamed countless others.  

It is only right that persons interested in products offered by these and other companies would do their due diligence and research the products in which they have interest.  This is a smart thing to do.  Unfortunately, the internet is full of information, both good and bad.  Let's just say that Brian C. Macfarland's sites are some of the worst on the internet, full of slanderous statements due to land Brian in court some day.

So, to help set the record straight, there are some sites that expose Brian for who he really is and why he does what he does.  Are Brian's sites reputable sources of information, or is there a hidden agenda behind his writing.  Check out the sites on Page 2 and you be the judge!
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